The Greenwich Property Management Solution: Addressing Clogged Drains

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At Duffy Home Solutions our Greenwich Property Management team deals with a wide range of home maintenance issues across Greenwich, CT. What are some of the most pressing issues that homeowners are facing these days? We’ve been getting a lot of calls regarding clogged drains in the kitchen and bathroom. Our Operations Manager John Duffy Jr. discusses some of the leading causes and solutions for clogged drains.

What Typically Causes Clogged Drains and What are The Solutions?

John JR: There are a fairly wide range of issues that can lead to a clogged drain in the kitchen, bathroom or in the main water or sewer lines. A few of the more common causes include:

Hair and Soap

Hair and soap (sometimes combined) are leading causes of clogged pipes in the bathroom. This is typically an easy fix for our Greenwich property management team. Clogs can occur when animal fat derivatives from bar soap mixes with minerals to cause build up. Sometimes the soap deposits on their own are enough to slow the flow of water. More significant issues, however, typically occur when soap residue combines with hair. This can lead to clogs severe enough to virtually stop the flow of water.

Sometimes, if the issue is occurring towards the top of the drain, we can remove the top portion of the stopper assembly and reach the hair with needle nose plyers to remove the blockage. Other times, if the hair is further down the drain, we will use a snake to remove the clog.

We advise our Greenwich property management clients to always wipe up loose hairs in and around the sink, and avoid cleaning hair brushes over the sink.

Pipe Scale

Deposits from calcium, magnesium and metallic elements in the water can build up on the inside of pipes and eventually reduce the flow. This is a natural occurrence caused by hard water that contains dissolved mineral compounds. In addition to pipe scale issues, hard water can also lead to buildup on the inside of appliances and on the surface of sinks, showers and faucets.

Our Greenwich property management team will typically treat pipe scale by recommending the installation of a water softener system. Softeners consist of a tank that is connected to the main water line of the home. Inside the tank, thousands of resin beads attract and capture the mineral and metallic elements, allowing the soft water to pass through.

Tree Roots

Tree roots can cause severe drainage issues to water or sewer main lines. Old pipes can eventually deteriorate, allowing roots to burrow into the pipe and block flow. The roots seek out water and waste in the lines. Gurgling sounds in your pipes can be an early sign of a potential root problem.

The first step in diagnosing a tree root issue is to have your Greenwich Property Management plumbing professional scan the drain with a camera. Once the issue has been identified, there are a range of potential solutions. Some include removing roots using a snake, administering chemical root killers, and fixing any visible leaks that could lead to problems down the road. This is typically an issue that is best handled by home maintenance professionals.

Wipes and Trash

Unfortunately, paper towels, dental floss and other trash items do make their way into drains. Since these items do not break down, they can cause significant clogs in main drain lines and septic systems. They can even lead to issues for public sewer works. Even wipes that are labeled as “flushable” should typically not be flushed. They just don’t break down enough for certain systems.

It’s important to note that the only items that should be flushed, or put down the drain, are human waste and toilet paper. Toilet paper is specially designed to completely break down. If an issue does occur within the pipes, the drain will be snaked to remove the clog.

Clogged drains can be a disruption and can sometimes lead to costly issues. If you’re experiencing slow water flow, or a stoppage, call the Greenwich property management team at Duffy Home Solutions. Our Greenwich, CT plumbers can diagnose and fix issues large and small.

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