Repairing and Replacing Doors and Windows

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Doors and windows are constantly being opened and closed, and sometimes not so gracefully. Wear and tear can lead to issues. Some are minor, such as squeaking or misalignment. Some problems, however, can lead to water infiltration or loss of warm or cool air. At Greenwich Home Management our residential property management team has repaired and replaced numerous doors and windows in and around the Greenwich, CT area. Home renovation can be an excellent time to replace windows and doors, but sometimes you just need a quick fix. Let’s take a look at some of the more common issues. 

Door Squeaking and Misalignment

If your doors are making squeaking noises, the solution may be as easy as applying WD40 to the hinges. If noise persists, and you’re also experiencing rattling and/or the door is not opening and closing smoothly, then you may need to tighten and/or adjust the hinges to realign them. These are the types of jobs that a property management company can help with. 

Drafty Doors and Windows

Door and window parts break down over time, particularly in the Greenwich, CT climate. Homes are subject to ever changing conditions such as heat, cold, snow, ice and rain across all seasons. Door weather stripping can degrade and come off. Doors can also become misaligned, allowing gaps at the bottom that let air in. Window sashes, gaskets and weather stripping can shrink and degrade and older window glazing can break down and fall off. 

If you’re conducting a home renovation, this is a great time to have your property management team install new, energy efficient windows and exterior doors. Making an investment in high quality products will make all the difference here. If you’re just looking to repair a single drafty door or window, call your residential property management team. For short term fixes they can replace glazing and weather stripping or make adjustments to the door to eliminate gaps. 

Fixing a Sticky Door

Interior or exterior doors can become stuck, making it a challenge to open and close them. One of the main causes of a stuck door is summertime humidity. The wooden door absorbs moisture and swells. Fixing this issue starts by identifying where the door is getting stuck. If the point of contact is the door jam, your property management team may shave just a bit off with a hand planner. Sometimes the door hinge mortise’s may need to be deepened to pull the door away from the jam a bit. 

When planning wood from a door, it’s important not to remove too much. The wood will shrink back in the wintertime. Also, to help avoid moisture from getting into the door again, any unfinished wood surfaces should be painted – including the top and bottom of the door. Sometimes it’s just more efficient to replace a stuck door. Just make sure all sides are sealed with paint before the door is hung. 

Window Condensation

Several issues can cause window condensation. If you’ve just built a new renovation or home addition the space may be too air tight. This can be good for keeping warm and cool air in, but the downside is lack of ventilation. Warm, humid air from cooking or showers can cause condensation on the inside of windows when the moist air hits the cold glass in the wintertime. If homes are too tight, trapped moisture, in places other than on windowpanes, can cause mold. Home ventilation systems can help circulate the air and eliminate the issue. 

If condensation if building up inside multi-pane windows, you likely have a broken seal. If the windows are relatively new they may be covered under warranty. If they are older windows they’ll likely need to be replaced. Check with your residential property management company to help assess and repair any moisture issues. 

In conclusion

The ever changing and harsh climate of Greenwich, CT can make even high quality windows and doors function improperly over time. Greenwich Home Management provides year round residential property management services. For jobs large and small we’ll bring in a skilled handyman or experienced local tradesman to help get the problem fixed. 

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