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When identifying a company to care for your home maintenance needs, location counts. For Greenwich, CT residents, hiring a Greenwich property management company can yield a range of benefits. Let’s take a look at why going hyper local makes sense when you’re in need of HVAC, plumbing or appliance repair, or even more simple home upkeep services.

Understanding Property Management

Property management companies use a range of different terms to define the business including property maintenance company, home maintenance company, and home management company. At Duffy Home Solutions our Greenwich Property Management services provide one source for all home upkeep, maintenance and repairs – small or large. Types of services can range from replacing lightbulbs and cleaning outdoor furniture to diagnosing and repairing HVAC and plumbing systems.

Knowledge of Greenwich Homes and The Maintenance Challenges of The Area

Duffy Home Solutions’ Greenwich Property Management team is located in Greenwich, CT and has been since 1988. We only serve homeowners in town. As a result, we know the area very well, and the property maintenance challenges that are specific to the town.

Greenwich is broken up into three general zones that include the waterfront, in town, and back country. Let’s take a look at the unique property maintenance needs of the waterfront and back country.


The position of Greenwich along the coast means that the water table is high. This can result in a range of issues for homes that are on or close to the water. Basement flooding as well as lawn and driveway flooding can lead to major issues. Our Greenwich Property Management team has done extensive work on exterior drainage, sump pump installment and repair, and even excavation to move water away from the house when water levels rise.

Another issue that waterfront homes in Greenwich face is rapid wear and tear on home exteriors. The salt air and heavy winds can cause maintenance issues that include siding, door and window rot and corrosion, roof shingle and flashing damage, and downed trees. Getting ahead of these issues can help avoid further damage down the line. And having a local maintenance provider that understands the area intimately can be key to properly diagnosing issues and effectively repairing them.

Back Country

One of the most significant issues that Greenwich homeowners face when living in the back country is sparsity of underground water. Because the landscape in this section of town is riddled with ledge rock, plentiful well water can be an issue. Warm summer months can lead to dry springs.

Our Greenwich Property Management team has helped homeowners that have simply run out of water when trying to balance household needs with irrigation. We have tricks to help the property produce more water. And we’ve worked closely with local irrigation companies to help homeowners implement irrigation strategies so they do not run out of water for the house or plantings.

When You Need Someone Right Away

Another key benefit to having a local home maintenance solution in town is the ability to respond to issues quickly and efficiently. Our office is only minutes away from our property management clients. When you need us, we’ll be there.

Because The Duffy Home Solutions Greenwich Property Management team is familiar with the specific issues of the town, we not only help fix maintenance problems, but we can also help provide solutions to mitigate issues in the future. Our in-house team of licensed and insured maintenance journeyman, combined with our longstanding relationships with Greenwich based subs, allows us to provide comprehensive service to homeowners specifically in Greenwich.

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