Greenwich Property Management Jobs to Tackle to Get Your Outside Spaces Summer Ready

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Summer is unofficially here and that means taking dips in the pool, grilling and entertaining on the patio, and relaxing outside while the kids play (okay that last one is wishful thinking). Before you can do all of that, it’s likely there are a few chores required to get your outdoor spaces fully ready for the season. Some might include power washing the patio, setting up outdoor furniture and touching up exterior paint. For many of our Greenwich property management clients this work has already been completed. Let’s take a look at some of the outdoor home maintenance tasks that the Duffy Home Solutions Property management team has been hard at work at.

Exterior Paint Touchups

The winter season can take a toll on the exterior of the home. Our Greenwich Property Management Team conducts a thorough inspection of the exterior to determine if paint needs to be touched up and/or there is rotting wood that may need to be addressed. Sanding chipped and weathered paint, priming and repainting can make trouble spots as good as new, and keep the overall paint job lasting longer.

Power Washing

Mildew, mold, pollen and dirt can accumulate over the winter on decks and stone work. Cleaning these surfaces with a power washer is an effective outdoor home maintenance task that brings bluestone, driveways, and decking back to life. This is a task that requires some equipment knowledge. Improper use of power washers can actually damage surfaces. Our Greenwich Property Management team understands the pressure setting requirements, as they vary between different types of wood and stone.

Setting Up and Cleaning Outdoor Furniture and Cushions

If your outdoor furniture and/or cushions are stowed away for the off season, our Greenwich Property Management team brings everything out, arranges the furniture and cleans and freshens up the cushions as needed. We’ll take care when cleaning to ensure that proper solutions and methods are used depending on the material. Wood, metal, plastic and/or fabric often require different cleaning products and methods.

Generator Maintenance

The summer months bring thunderstorms that can lead to downed trees and power outages. Many of our Greenwich Property Management clients are enrolled in regular generator preventative maintenance. Regular generator maintenance can help ensure that your equipment will fire up when needed, help extend the life of the equipment, and help the generator function at peak efficiency.

Generator manufacturers recommend a preventative maintenance checkup at least once per year. Servicing typically incudes load bank testing (to ensure the equipment will fire up when called on), changing the oil and filters, inspecting the wiring and electrical system, and inspecting the air intake system, among other items.

Window Washing

As the peak spring pollen season winds down, now is a good time to have your windows cleaned by a home maintenance service. Clean windows not only make the house look nice; they also have a range of other benefits. Window cleaning can remove debris to keep track windows sliding effectively. Regular cleaning can also make each appointment less time consuming. And the job can double as an inspection opportunity to identify any issues that might be occurring– particularly on upper windows.

Lawn and Garden Sprinkler Maintenance

When you have home equipment that lays dormant for several months throughout the year it’s always a good idea to have it inspected for proper functionality when it’s time to put the system back into use. Our Greenwich Property Management team conducts thorough lawn and garden sprinkler system inspections and will repair any issues. We’ll check for clogged or broken sprinkler heads and leaking sprinkler lines. We’ll also analyze the watering pattern to ensure that it is functioning at peak efficiency, among other tasks.

When the exterior of your property is well cared for by home maintenance professionals it provides peace of mind and allows you and your family to get the most out of your deck, patio, pool, and lawn. The Greenwich property management team at Duffy Home Solutions provides one source for all of your home exterior, as well as interior, maintenance needs. Please reach out to discuss how our program works in detail.

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