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Maintaining your Greenwich, CT area home can sometimes feel like a full time job. For this reason it’s worth the effort to understand the latest trends that can help make your property function better for you. Today’s advancements, such as residential property management and healthy building products, can ease the burdens of home maintenance and make your home safer. Following are a few to keep an eye on.

Healthier Living Spaces

Health and wellness continues to be a priority for many. This sustained movement is extending into our home building products and furnishings. People want nontoxic materials when building, renovating or decorating. At Greenwich Home Management our renovation and property management teams are using floor stain, flooring materials, grout, weather sealant and other home building materials that are made without harmful chemicals. In addition we’re installing more and more water and air purification systems to reduce the amount of toxins from entering the house.

Residential Property Management

Managing a home is becoming more and more challenging as our lives get busier. Regular home maintenance requires identifying, vetting, and scheduling multiple trades. Residential property management takes these tasks off the homeowners’ plate by providing one point of contact for all home maintenance needs. At Greenwich Home Management we’ve managed properties for years in Greenwich, CT. In this time we’ve established strong relationships with area trades. When you’re signed up for our property management program you simply make one call for any issue such as HVAC repair, a leaking faucet, power washing, painting, etc. 

Climate Proofing Homes

The effects of climate change are beginning to dictate how homes are built and renovated. In the Greenwich, CT area we have hotter temperatures, more frequent and stronger storms and continued erosion around the shore. Some of the steps that are being taken to climate proof homes include planting trees that shade the house, installing functional window shutters, stronger roofs that will sustain heavier wind and rainfall, and installing stronger, more resilient windows. 

Custom Features Becoming Commonplace

Features of the home that once required a custom order during a renovation or new home build are now more easily available and affordable, as they become standard features. For example our property management team is seeing more soft close drawers on pre-made kitchen cabinetry – a feature that was once reserved for custom work. Elevators are being installed on a more regular basis. And a range of cabinet sizes and organizational features in cabinets and closets are becoming more commonplace. 

Increased Focus on Outdoor Spaces

More and more homeowners want their homes to provide an escape from the hectic pace of work and life responsibilities. When at home (not in the home office) people want spaces they can use to relax, unwind and spend quality time with family. As a result our property management team is building more expansive patios and decks. Folding panel doors are bringing indoor and outdoor spaces together. And we’re seeing more extensive outdoor kitchens, theaters, and dining spaces. 

More Efficient Use of Free Time

Using time more efficiently can help free up a few hours to enjoy life. Although we do see a continued uptick in DIY projects, many homeowners are seeing the value of outsourcing even the simplest of home maintenance tasks. At Greenwich Home Management our property management team changes plenty of light bulbs, stores patio furniture, adjusts door hinges, tests and replaces smoke detector batteries, and more. We recently came over to a client’s house to let their dog out when they were running late. This kind of support is critical to helping homeowners maintain a better work life balance. 

In Conclusion

Home maintenance and remodeling trends will always evolve. Keeping up with today’s advancements and techniques can help home life safer, more enjoyable, and more efficient. At Greenwich Home Management we know that keeping up with this kind of work is not always the easiest thing to do. That’s why our property management team will be there for you no matter what project you need help with.

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