Fall/Winter Checklist

    Check the box next to any service you wish to have completed within the month of your preference

    Wash garage floors
    Clean windows and screens
    Clean & inspect Gutters
    Clean Outdoor BBQ Grill
    Winterize outdoor plumbing
    Clean dryer vent
    Inspect chimneys & clean if necessary
    Clean & store patio furniture
    Power wash patios & siding
    Deliver and stack firewood
    Clean, sanitize, protect & store outdoor cushions for winter
    Set up outdoor Holiday lights

    Included at no additional cost as part of monthly fee. Select the month you wish to have these done.

    Check exterior catch basins for sediment
    Check & replace exterior light bulbs
    Check house exterior for winter readiness
    Check exterior for paint touch-ups
    Test garage door safety reverse feature
    Check roof
    Check exterior exhaust vents
    Schedule sump pump service
    Exercise GFI Safety outlets
    Take unwanted items to dump or Goodwill
    Test smoke/carbon monoxide detectors
    Test generator for winter readiness
    Schedule HVAC bi-annual service